Weekly Opportunities: 

  • Click HERE for a copy of this Sunday's Order of Worship.      

Wednesday / Miercoles Evenings:  - Social Distancing and Mask Guidelines Observed

6:00 pm - Estudio Biblico

5:30 pm - Youth Ministry - Zoom

6:30 pm - Children's Ministry - Zoom   /  Adult Ministry "More Glory" - Fellowship Hall & 

                                                                       Facebook Live

7:15 pm - Choir Rehearsal in the Sanctuary

Sunday (Domingo) Morning Worship:       Last Sunday of Each Month: 

                                                                             Holy Communion (Individual Containers)

9:30    Advent Study (J. D. Greear) - Pavilion          

10:00   Culto de adoracion with Social Distancing Observed

10:30  Worship in Sanctuary with Social Distancing Observed or

            BPC Facebook Live or 100.3 FM - BPC Front Parking Lot

11:00   Culto de adoracion with Masks and Social Distancing

10:30   Escuela dominical - Postponed  


                                          We would love to see you!